Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Carnival of Evolution #7 - Forms Most Beautiful

Well, the stack of final exams are graded and it's time once again (a couple of days late) for you to indulge your selective pressure pleasure in the next Carnival of Evolution. This biweekly installment is hosted by Peter Buckland over at Forms Most Beautiful (by far one of my favorite science blogs - partially because he has an amazingly keen and witty way with words and partially because his blog is sprinkled with posts on Heavy Metal).

The next installment in two weeks will be hosted by me, Irradiatus, over at biochemicalsoul on January 1st. So get your brains and fingers writing about what you enjoy and let the joys and sorrows of another semester melt away. Submit your posts here.

Also, please consider hosting an upcoming edition. If you have already done so before, you can most certainly host again. Quite a few people have begun reading this Blog Carnival, and here's hoping that the exposure will only grow. Just email me at irradiatus [at] biochemicalsoul [dot] com if you'd like to host. We have had quite an impressive list of article contributors (see the side bar to the right), so perhaps it's time that you contributors hosted as well.

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