Friday, October 2, 2009

Carnival of Evolution #16 - Pleiotropy

Well folks, I'm happy to report that this month has seen the production of one of the best editions of the Carnival of Evolution yet! And this is largely thanks to the determined mind of Bjørn Østman, author of the wonderful Pleiotropy blog.

In fact, you should be reading it now, instead of these words...

Bjørn showed a lot of dedication for this month's edition, spreading the word, calling out for carnival submissions, sending emails, and generally showing an immense enthusiasm for making this Carnival great.

I sincerely hope future hosts will show the same love of the subject as Bjørn has.

Be sure to submit your own writings next month to the Carnival of Evolution #17, which will be hosted by Adaptive Complexity.

Use this form to submit your posts for next month's edition.

*image credit: Filler AG. Homeotic evolution in the Mammalia: Diversification of therian axial seriation and the morphogenetic basis of human origins. PLoS ONE 10(e1019) (2007). Open Access

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