Sunday, December 20, 2009

CoE #19 call for submissions

The 19th edition of CoE is going to be hosted at Observations of a Nerd, but so far we only have a handful of submissions. There is still time to get one (good) or two (better) in before January 1st, but don't let the holydays (be they a celebration of Kwanzaa, Yuletide, Hannukah, Winter Solstice, etc.) get in the way!

As usual you can submit using the form at Blog Carnival, which will send your submission directly into Christie's inbox.

Your posts can be specifically related to current science concerning evolution, opinions, or dealing with whatever current anti-evolution attacks you find in the media or world. Really, anything related to evolution, whether direct or tangential, is fair game. Your inclusion in to the carnival is up to the current host.

We also need new volunteers to host the carnival starting February. As this is an immensely popular job, I'd like to give the chance to those who have submitted to the carnival before, but hasn't hosted themselves. Any takers? Please email me at with the subject 'CoE hosting' if you're interested.

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