Friday, April 30, 2010

Next edition of CoE is fast approaching

Get on board! Don't miss the fast train! Don't be left hanging to dry. Skedaddle!

Every month some sucker or other sends me a note saying that they had this great post written up, but they just forgot to submit it to CoE. What a shame that is. Every time.

Fret not, though. Here's your warning:

The May edition of Carnival of Evolution is less than two days away. Currently submissions are about half spam and half serious posts. We can do better than that! I know, because I have seen plenty os posts in April on evolution that have not been submitted. Tsk tsk.

So, use this online form to submit one (good) or two (better) posts that you have written about anything pertaining to evolution.

Also, if you're interesting in hosting CoE, drop me an email. For the heck of it I suggest we let people who haven't hosted before have a go at it until we run out of volunteers. After that the usual suspects can go again.

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