Thursday, September 23, 2010

28th edition of CoE to be hosted right here

The upcoming edition of Carnival of Evolution will be hosted here on Carnival of Evolution. With this 28th edition I am planning to initiate a new feature, which will not be about bugs. Rather, in addition to the regular blog-entries about any topic in evolution hosted on the many great blogs that at least occasionally feature evolution, I will feature one particular blog that I think features many good posts about evolution. Whether this feature feature will continue will be entirely up to the hosts to come (for a list, go to Blog Carnival and click on 'future hosts' on the CoE widget - also available on this page).

Which blog will be featured, you ask? Well, I'd be a fool to give it away, I think, so just stay tuned.

And the next edition is scheduled for October 1st, so there is just enough time to submit one (good) or two (better) posts about evolution through the online form. And on that note, I'd like to encourage everyone to also submit posts on evolution that they didn't write themselves. There is nothing wrong with passing on a great post to share with everyone else.

After taking over the administration of CoE from Irradiatus in the beginning of 2010, I have been thinking about ways to expand the carnival. I have not had too much success with this, but I am happy to observe that we are at least surviving, thanks to yourselves. However, I do wonder if we are all there is. Does this email list (which currently contains almost 80 emails of people who have either previously contributed, asked to be on the list, or could potentially contribute to CoE) represent everyone in the blogosphere who blog about evolution, or is there perhaps some segment that we have not yet reached? Do any of you know of blogs that should obviously participate in bringing evolution to the masses? If so please let them know of CoE, or shoot me an email so I can do it.

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