Thursday, June 23, 2011

Submit to next edition, won't you?

With the Evolution 2011 meeting just over, we can all get back to blogging. Coincidentally, the next edition of Carnival of Evolution is just one week away, and what better place to get your writings about the conference promoted?

Okay, Pharyngula would be a better place, but after that?

Okay, after that The Colbert Report might be a better place.

But then, getting the attention of those people is as easy as getting Dembski to admit that he can't actually define specified complexity, so a better option is to submit your posts on evolution to Carnival of Evolution. Next edition will be hosted by William Bell on Lessons of Evolution.

From Williams blog: "I'm thirteen years old and I hope to become an evolutionary biologist but I have diverse interests."

Let's urge him along in the right direction by submitting one (good) or two (better) through this link.

See you at Evolution 2012 in Ottawa.

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