Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Problems with BlogCarnival.com

BlogCarnival.com - the site we use for submitting posts to CoE, right? - has been upgraded. Unfortunately, it now requires you to register and log in every time you want to submit a post. That clearly limits how many posts are submitted, so that's a big problem.

Therefore, we need to find a new way of submitting, as we cannot expect everyone to register on their site. I've already sent out an email inviting people to submit by replying to that email. That will be annoying in the long run, so we gotta figure something else out.

For now, sending an email to bjorn@bjornostman.com will do the trick, but you are also welcome to list posts in the comments here. Just post the URL, and I will take care to get it included in the next edition (provided it's appropriate, of course = about evolution).


  1. I do have a new post that I would like to have submitted to the next COE, Bjorn. I would also like to host a future Carnival at Tangled Up in Blue Guy.

    Darwinism is a Broad Brush Term.

    Also, I understand the need to protect from SPAM but the folks at Capcha are real bastards.

  2. Hello Bjorn, we at BlogCarnival.com have tried to make it easier to find and submit to high quality carnivals like this one. Hopefully, you will have better luck going forward. We are also very curious as to why people wouldn't want to quickly login to avoid having to deal with any and all CAPTCHAS.