Monday, December 1, 2014

Carnival of Evolution #77 - the Phoenix edition

Welcome to the new Carnival of Evolution. From now on every edition will be hosted here. Who the actual host will be may vary, but until someone volunteers without being asked, it will be yours truly. The reason for this change is that interest has been on the decline, both in hosting and in submitting posts. Failure to get anything published for November was the last straw. Luckily, people are still blogging about evolution, so the task at hand really is just to find those posts. So, if you ever see any, it would be great if you linked to it on the Facebook page, hit me up on Twitter, or email it.

Hitherto diversity has been encouraged. If you take a look at the hosting guidelines, it was suggested that the hosts be creative about how to present the monthly collection of evolution blog-posts. And that has been fun. However, with this transition I now elect to publish the forthcoming editions in a more streamlined manner. At this point in time I am not quite sure what that will entail, so the product will probably evolve with each edition. Lastly, for those who wish to reminisce, here's a list of the first 76 editions.

And with that, here is the 77th Carnival of Evolution - the Phoenix edition:

Charles Goodnight @ Evolution in Structured Populations
Variance in a structured world - theory
On partitioning fitness - theory
A conversation with a physicist: Some thoughts on fitness - theory
Spider group selection - theory
Individuals as multispecies entities - theory
Heritability and the individual - theory
Selection and individuality - theory

Adam Benton @ EvoAnth
Did conflict drive the evolution of the human brain? - anthro
Religious acceptance of evolution result of dogma, not scientific understanding - creationism
Nice chimps finish last: aggression correlated with reproductive success in chimpanzees - anthro
When did throwing evolve? - anthro
Ancient DNA reveals how often and when humans and neanderthals interbred - anthro
Our big brains evolved to make tools - anthro

Brian Switek @ Laelaps

The making of the mammalian nose - paleo
Spineless giants track oceanic revolution - paleo
Getting to the root of fur - paleo
What was on the early mammal menu? - paleo
Evolution in the slow lane - paleo

Bradly Alicea @ Synthetic Daisies
Ratchets, constructions, games, and Borg in the reading queue - theory
Toy models for evolution - theory

Noah Snyder-Mackler @ The Molecular Ecologist
From cats to rats: two studies on domestication and tameness - genomics

Melissa DeBiasse @ The Molecular Ecologist
Here, kitty, kitty. The cat genome sheds light on feline evolution and domestication - genomics

Stacy Krueger-Hadfield @ The Molecular Ecologist
The forest resounding at rare intervals with the note of … reproductive isolation - genomics

Bjørn Østman @ Pleiotropy
Evolution, sex, and mixability - theory

Alex Jordan @ BEACON blog
BEACON Researchers at Work: Going with the Flow - behavior

Andew Hendry @ Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics
PITCHFORK SCIENCE: Guppies, Stickleback, and Darwin’s Finches - eco

Erik Svensson @ Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics
Plasticity in mate preferences and the not-so-needed Extended Evolutionary Synthesis (EES) - eco

Yoel Stuart @ Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics
An invasive species drives rapid evolution in a native - eco

Jeremy Yoder @ Nothing in Biology Makes Sense!
Tracing the start of monarch butterflies’ epic journey, in their genes - genomics

Razib Khan @ Gene Expression
Evolution ever evolves - theory

Jerry Coyne @ Why Evolution Is True
Evolutionary psychology, sexual dimorphism, and ideology - behavior

Emily Thompson @ Panda's Thumb
Analyzing the genome with statistics - genomics
The family tree of life - phylogenetics

Jason Rosenhouse @ EvolutionBlog
Responses to Barash' talk - creationism

★ ★ ★

That concludes the 77th CoE - the Phoenix edition. No request for host volunteers will be made, because the next edition will be right here as well. But do send in posts on evolution, even if you aren't the author. If you have other suggestions, those would be welcome too. Carnival of Evolution is on Facebook and Twitter. ✌ ☮

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