Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Call for submissions and Twitter

Next CoE edition, number 39, will be hosted at Henry Gee's blog, End of the Pier Show.

It's time to make sure that you all don't forget to submit one (good) or two (better) posts on evolution to Carnival of Evolution. Use this online form to spread your writings. And note also that it is perfectly legitimate to submit a post written by someone else, so if you read a great post about evolution that you think ought to be shared more widely, don't hesitate to submit it. The author will thank you for it, particularly if you leave a note in the comments that you've done so.

If you can't wait for the monthly Horn of Cornucopia, you might like following the (not always) daily updates on Twitter @CarnyEvolution. In the last few days that has included updates from the 13th congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology, #ESEB2011.

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