Monday, August 1, 2011

CoE #38 at Sandwalk

Carnival of Evolution #38 is just up at Sandwalk. I believe this is the biggest edition we've ever had in the nearly three year history of CoE: 60 posts.

For example, The Cambrian Explosion song:

Can anyone tell me what's up with the "Canada~~~~" int he end?


  1. A great carnival this month - we've posted a link to it on Genome Engineering too at

  2. I love this song. No only are the lyrics catchy, but the music is really good. Do these guys have more?

  3. I love this song! Well done lads! As for the "Oh Canada" lyrics at the end, it can only be because the beasties sung about were found in and defined from the Burgess shale which is in Canada. In a sense, they were the first recognized Canadians.