Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Now accepting submissions through Facebook

BlogCarnival.com continues to be down, so I am hereby officially discontinuing the use of it for submissions to CoE. Instead, people are encouraged to submit via the Facebook page CarnyEvolution.

The next host will be listed with links to their blog and a Twitter handle, if they have one. If you post a comment with a URL to a blog-post that you have written, or that someone else have written, about evolution, it will be included in the forthcoming edition (always at the discretion of the host).

I very much hope that this system will work well enough that CoE won't die an agonizing death like so many other science blog carnivals.

Our host for May is E. E. Giorgi at Chimeras, and she tweets @eegiorgi.

The June edition will be hosted by Adam M Golstein @eeoblogger.

If you would like to host, email me at bjorn@bjornostman.com. (Check out the hosting guidelines.)

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  1. Hi all, just wanted to add that you're welcome to send the links to the posts via email: eegiorgi (at) gmail.com

    Thanks, looking forward to reading them!