Thursday, May 1, 2014

Carnival of Evolution, Edition #71: A Theory of Evolution or the Evolution of a Theory?

The 71st edition of CoE is up today at Chimeras hosted by @eegiorgi.

Would be great if you shared the link aggressively. Militantly, even.

Due to a change in how the submission process works, some posts weren't caught until this afternoon. They have now been included. Consequently the guide for hosts has been updated to reflect this, emphasizing that people can submit posts both as a comment to the hosting announcement on the Facebook page, as well as by submitting to the page itself (which results in link that are a little bit hidden, for which we can only blame Zuckerberg and Sandberg).

Adam Goldstein @EEOBlogger is our host for June. Anyone interested in grabbing July or August?


  1. I'm not on Facebook, so here's a post for the next Carnival: