Monday, April 23, 2012

CoE on Evolving Thoughts

JS Wilkins - Melbourne-based, Sydney affiliated historian and philosopher of science, especially biology. Apple tragic. Pratchett fan. Curmudgeon. Punster. Fatso - is hosting the May edition of Carnival of Evolution on Evolving Thoughts.

You can submit here, and you really should. Time's running out. Soon there won't be any time left. Time is a limited resource. Don't use it too fast. Use it slow. Save some time. Send your spare time to me. I need it. Time and again are such good friends.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

46th at Synthetic Daisies

Carnival of Evolution #46 has been posted. This time, in addition to the posts, we get to learn about different trees used in evolutionary biology and computer science. E.g., the cladogram:

See the rest at Bradly Alicea's Synthetic Daisies.

Next two months are hosted by JS Wilkins (Evolving Thoughts) and PZ Myers (Pharyngula). If you would like to try hosting, and haven't hosted before, you could perhaps have July.