Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Problems with BlogCarnival.com

BlogCarnival.com - the site we use for submitting posts to CoE, right? - has been upgraded. Unfortunately, it now requires you to register and log in every time you want to submit a post. That clearly limits how many posts are submitted, so that's a big problem.

Therefore, we need to find a new way of submitting, as we cannot expect everyone to register on their site. I've already sent out an email inviting people to submit by replying to that email. That will be annoying in the long run, so we gotta figure something else out.

For now, sending an email to bjorn@bjornostman.com will do the trick, but you are also welcome to list posts in the comments here. Just post the URL, and I will take care to get it included in the next edition (provided it's appropriate, of course = about evolution).

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

50th edition at Teaching Biology [with references]

For the love of references! If the submitted posts didn't all have references for support, they do now, because host of the 50th CoE edition, Marc Srour, has provided them himself. Everyone blogger who has a post included in this edition should go read it and consider reading the paper(s) that Marc refers to.

In my case, that would be
Chapter 2 of Luisi’s 2006 book, The Emergence of Life, has an excellent overview of the definitions of life.
Unfortunately, the preview on Amazon does not include the relevant pagers (page 21-23). If you happen to have those in electronic format, please let me know.

Marc comments on every single post, and I think this is an excellent idea. Who says CoE shouldn't be a place where the merit of individual posts are discussed? Anyone?